Monday, 11 September 2017

Nitish Kumar - Hungry for Power?

I have been a firm believer that one can only be a great politician if one doesn't have a conscience, no self respect/esteem and lives totally on the principle of 'there is no friend or enemy in politics'. Time and again politicians have proved it and hence one can only derive they live just for the sake of power and not for their conscience. However there are few who have created a different identity for themselves and have lead by right examples. They are liked and admired for their ethics and principle. Nitish Kumar has been (or was) one of such kind. A politician rather a leader admired not only in the circle of Bihar but also in National Politics. However his decision to quit the Grand Alliance and then form the government immediately with BJP has made him drop from this pedestal (at least in my eyes). For me he now is as good/bad as any other politician. However the step he took is a masterstroke in itself which has enhanced his political life and a step towards moving back to Central politics in near future. A decision to ensure he remains in power and fulfill his political ambition. This step of his just makes me believe that he too is hungry for power just like any other politician.
Nitish Kumar has been known to speak his own mind from his early days of politics itself. Splitting from Janta Dal and forming Samta party along with George Fernandes was because of this virtue of his. (Lalu's way of ruling state and party and promoting castesism in party was something which Nitish didn't like). Post the formation of Samta party they sided with BJP - NDA working at state and centre. In spite of being a small party with few numbers they still managed to get key portfolios in the Central govt (defense/Railway/agriculture). This speaks a volume of acumen of the political smartness he had to ensure better deal in a coalition govt. To ensure the longevity of party and have a larger presence Samta party merged with JDU. It needs to be noticed that though George Fernandes (founding member of Samta party) was not keen and happy with the decision fearing he would be sidelined. But Nitish had his way and George was forced to accept. Clearly Nitish had emerged as a more popular leader and had created his own identity at a large level. (Today we are not aware about the whereabouts of George Fernandes.) This was one of the starting steps of Nitish having full control over party. The hunger for power had just begun.
Being an ally with BJP - NDA yeilded positive results and Nitish was elected as CM for Bihar in 2005 state election. His stature since then has grown. Speaking of taking Bihar from a non governance state to a good governance state was his motto. He spoke of development and prosperity and ensured a 2nd term as CM in 2010. This only helped his stature to rise not only in state and party but also nationally as many started seeing a future PM in him. A leader who says the right things, a leader with clean and clear image and the one who delivers on governance. Nitish had probably greater political ambition than one might think of him. But as its said that once you have tasted power you don't want to give it up easily and will always like to remain in power. Nitish was definitely wanting to have more. Pressuring BJP to declare their leader before 2014 election was his step to bargain for key portfolios and probably to bargain for Deputy PM post for himself. However with Narendra Modi being declared the PM candidate he knew he lost this bargaining rights. Sensing this he immediately moved away from BJP - NDA citing idelogical differences. It is well known fact that Nitish never liked Modi and has publicly shown his displeasure for Modi. He citied that BJP isn't the same party which he worked during Ex PM Vajpyee's time. His decision to walk away was hailed again that he stood to his ideology and took a stand. Parting from BJP meant his govt in state was in danger however he didn't have any problem in accepting outside support from RJD and Congress. Where was his idelogical differences from RJD now? He also sensed that he might be possible PM candidate (though he denied and said he had no skills to become a PM) had the third front consolidated and made him the leader. But this didn't happen. 2014 general election was a different election in many ways. BJP- NDA completely deciminated all other parties. The move of parting from NDA backfired for Nitish with JDU managing just 2 seats in the election. Nitish resigned taking responsibility of this debacle but since he didn't want to stay away from power he appointed his loyalist Mr Manjhi as the CM. It was clear that Manjhi would just be a puppet with Nitish taking calls from behind scenes. It clearly indicates that Nitish never wanted power to move away from his hand. Mr Manjhi was never fit to be a CM or even a MLA however this only highlight that the reigns would still be in Nitish hand. But he forgot that power corrupts you in a way. Once a CM, Manjhi had his own ambitions. He started taking decision of his own and clearly not listening to Nitish. He also started speaking ill about Nitish. Sensing this BJP stated to lure Manjhi. There was a sense of possible split in the JDU again. Nitish had to take charge again. He met the President, decalred party was removing Manjhi as CM. All this done with support of RJD and Congress. He wanted to ensure that he remains in power. He was back as the CM again when Manjhi lost the numbers in assembly. He apologized that he would not take such step in future again. This was the time when BJP and JDU relationship was the lowest. He accused them of foul play and spoil sport and power hungry people. It amazes me when a person who himself is power hungry accuses others on same ground. It was also surprising to see him accept support from RJD ( his arch rival in a way). Once back as CM he started to ensure to keep BJP at bay. Talks with SP, RJD, JDS etc started doing rounds in order to create. Grand Alliance to counter BJP. The idea failed as every head of these parties had their own ambitions and ego. However they ensured to have an alliance in Bihar election of 2015.
The Bihar election of 2015 was historic and one of kind. Experts know that Bihar politics does have a effect on National Politics. The election campaign was filled with drama with Grand Alliance and BJP taking shots at each other. The campaign was marred with the kind of language used by both sides. The highlight being that victory to Grand Alliance will be a celebration in Pakistan. I just fail to understand on what logic one says that or how can one relate to it. It was a never seen outrage and annomosity between the two sides. But the election again surprised many. Contrary to what exit poles showed the Grand Alliance was victorious. Nitish once again was the CM and everyone was wondering how this alliance would survive for the next 5 years.
Politics is a unique game in a way. Fortunes tilt every day and it's filled with surprise and shocks. It's the best reality show by distance. In nearly 20 months the alliance failed with Nitish resigning again. He stated his conscience didn't allow him to continue and serve tainted people. (Conscience - did I hear it right?) His statement in a way is surprising as RJD supremo, his so called big brother and partner in crime Mr Lalu has been framed in various cases and barred from contesting election. Wasn't he aware about this? What was also surprising that the moment he resigned BJP was prepared to support him and he was more than happy to take that support. And Nitish was next day back as CM again. Hilarious!!!! The lure of power was making Nitish do all this. Resigning and forming govt again clearly indicates that this was not a decision taken in heist but something well planned and thought through. People were praising Nitish including our famous PM for taking a courageous step (weren't these same people who were criticising and tragetting him few days back, not to forget the election campaign exchange). All these events has just made me think and realise and the only logic I could derive is that Nitish is no different from any other politician and he is as hungry for power as any one else. Going with BJP again he has played a master stroke in enhancing his political life.
But how did I reach to this conclusion. Well, the background presented and with the recent events one can only see this as a normal outcome. We need to look at Nitish and try to understand him. Aligning back with BJP must have been a long process and would have started long time back. Becoming the party President was one of the key step towards it. This made him a supremo of the party with full control. It was a necessary step before tie up with BJP. By becoming President he also sidelined Sharad Yadav. Sharad would have not allowed this tie up. Today Sharad Yadav has been completely sidelined and he in a way is fighting for his own identity just as George Fernandes was 10-12 yrs ago. Hence the conclusion that Nitish wants power and he craves for it.
Why do I call it a Master stroke? Well, why would I say that. One needs to understand that the kind of response BJP is getting in various state election is kind of mesmerizing with everyone in awe. Nitish too was impressed. He is also well aware of the fact that this is the last stint he has as a CM and after next state election he will not remain a CM. Why? Well, few reasons
a) being CM for 15 years will bring certain amount of incumbency and people will want to see a fresh face
b) he has got votes on the name of governance and development, however in his stint of 12 years I don't see any significant change in governance and development. Originating from Bihar I can say that not much has been developed in these years. I was recently in Bihar for few days and wondered what kind of development has happened. The capital city Patna doesn't seem to be a capital city. So if a state capital cannot be developed properly how can rest of state? Asking for vote again on name of development will only backfire for him in future.
c) In 2015 election RJD emerged as the largest party. This is a revival for RJD and understanding Lalu he would ensure that his sons gain experience and popularity in these 5 years and are ready to fight alone in 2020 election with RJD having their CM. This move will adversely affect Nitish.
Nitish sensed all these and hence played smart. He doesn't have any family member to take forward his legacy. The JDU itself doesn't have any popular or tactful leader apart from Nitish who can take party forward. Rather than being an opposition leader in future he played smart by tie up with BJP to ensure a good cabinet portfolio (probably a deputy PM) in next general election. By doing this he has ensured a prolonged political life.
So when the political expers and reporters where going Gaga over his last resignation and appreciating him for his courage I was wondering why no one asked him why he didn't go for fresh election. Why he didn't become courageous enough and fight both BJP and RJD? And is a political ideology so insignificant that moving away and coming back is so easy. Nitish is a follower of JP Narayan and Ram Manohar Lohia. I wonder if these great people would have reacted in same way as Nitish did. The answer is no. Hence to say you have an ideology and you follow the path of some previous great leaders is both hilarious and foolish. The ultimate desire and ambition is to have power and fool the voters for own good just on name of the so called ideology.
And this is not about Nitish only. Its the nature of the current politicans and the Political set up in totality. They may differ because of parties but they live by the same principle which is to gain power at any cost. A society tells to stay away from spinless people but a spinless politican is one who will thrive more. I would just urge and request all parties and all politican to have a very clear ideology and stick to it for a better political atmosphere. When the PM and CM speak about morality and conscience I ask them to first look at themselves. They need to check for themselves first before preaching. Also I would urge the voters and all people to just not follow them blindly. Think rationally and logically and support them who are right irrespective of which party they are. As its said ' yeh public Hai, yeh sab janti hai'. 

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Bengaluru Traffic - What a Mess!!

Its been two months that i have shifted my base from Delhi to Bangalore. I had been to Bangalore just for a week 5 years back so hadn't explored the city much nor was much aware about the city. Had heard a lot about the city being great and awesome. Being the IT hub we all assume a city has to be awesome - "a millennium city" , if thats the term  used for such cities. A city has to stand out in various things to create an awesomeness. Unfortunately, it has stood out in two negative things for me.. Traffic and Pollution.. both go hand in hand in a way.

I was looking forward to being part of the city. The day arrived. I landed at Bangalore airport. My brother had come to pick me up. In the car he told me it will take around 1.30 hrs to 2 hrs to reach home.. What.. so much time.. And that was on a Saturday at around 9 pm at night... it seemed crazy.. I know the airport is almost 20+ km away from city but still around 2 hrs is too much time. I assume that less time will be taken to reach from Delhi airport to Noida or Fridabad. (Staying in Delhi for nearly 10 yrs - comparison toh hoga hin bhai). My brother told me that the distance is more and also the traffic hence the time. But seriously traffic on Saturday night was something i wasnt able to digest. Which city observes heavy traffic on saturday?
Anyways.. after an almost 1hr 40 mins of journey compromising of heavy traffic, narrow roads, jams caused because of anywhere stoppages of buses, inconsistent red lights, weird road designs finally managed to reach home @ Bomannhalli (another end of city).

The next few days i was travelling in cabs going to various places. Cabs were the only reliable resources for travel.. new to city, no idea about places.. cabs are the only option. Had thought that rates would be similar to Delhi and would be ok travelling in cabs but boy the cabs were also expensive and not just expensive they were too expensive.. Almost double to what i used to pay in Delhi for similar distances (Bhai compare to karna hoga)..

In these many days travelling in Bangalore have come to acknowledge that the traffic and traffic management is very poor - worse than Delhi (again a comparison , having stayed in Delhi i do acknowledge the traffic of Delhi is very bad but Bangalore you beat Delhi hands down). I have spoken to many people about the traffic of Bangalore and every one acknowledges that traffic is very bad in B'lore. I was speaking to few friends of mine and one said that the road design of Bangalore is very bad and he said " lagta hai bhang/dhatoora kha ke kisi ne yeh roads design kiye hain". Couldnt have agreed more.

Over the time these things stand out for Bangalore and something needs to be done by the authority before anything bad happens.

a) Pollution - Bangalore is very polluted. Time has come to shift to CNG for buses. Pollution is very dangerous, traffic inspectors and many other wear masks to safe guard but we need to contribute to reduce pollution. Use of CNG is very important. Will reduce  the pollution.

b) Traffic management - This needs to be controlled effectively. Red light duration is too much. i think we can cut it down at numerous places. Also there are few places where you see frequent lights on a stretch. Something needs to be worked out. there are places where red lights need to be installed but its not. NH 44 needs red lights.

c) Stoppages by buses - Someone needs to regularize it.  Buses often stop as per their fancy needs. Especially on/near flyovers buses stand behind to each other or side to each other hence blocking the general traffic. It needs to be regularized. Buses need to stop at bus stops only.

d) Construction/Debris on road - while construction is important for the development however the debris management needs to be taken care of. Debris scattered on road is just going to create congestion and accidents.

e) Street lights - there are often stretches of roads which are not lit. Street lights not lot. Thats scary. I have seen on NH 44 there are many lamp posts not lit. No lights might lead to accidents.

f) Increase network of Metro - Though i have not traveled in metro but the network needs to increase and reach many areas. I do hope work is going on to ensure that.

g ) Designs of Roads - Since the designs have been made and roads already exists its better to have better designs in future. When to take a right or left, all is confusing, even the flyovers have narrow roads. There doesn't seem to be much difference on main road and service roads, so better design and wider roads in future. Even the road bumpers need to painted and should be made at relevant locations.

f) Public participation - Nothing can be carried out effectively without proper public participation.
First and foremost everyone should be easy on driving. Need not indulge in rash driving especially for cab drivers.
Also while crossing roads please be careful, it seems people dont care for their for life and just cross roads without seeing the traffic. They need to very careful.

I do believe that most of the people will have similar view points. Its very important to understand the issue and do something rational to ease out the pain.

School Days

Its been more than 9 years since i left school but still remember the day i joined my dearest school.
St. Xavier's, Bokaro - the greatest school... Couldn't have asked for a better a school.

We move ahead in life but perhaps the school days are those which every one cherishes.. We sometimes want to relive these golden days of our lives, want to go back to school one more time, want to wander in those amazing environment again....

Missing all those great friends.....

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Shameless Society

Ashamed of being called a man – how a man can induce such kind of cruelty and brutality.
We have failed as an individual, as a society and as a country.

It’s hard to believe but perhaps we are living in a shameless society. A society which does worships the female goddess but in reality shows disrespect towards female. Have we become so insensitive in our day to day life that we need some grave misfortunes to be awakened? Why can’t we be more compassionate?

We all have women in our families be it a mother, sister, wife, daughter. Why can’t we show the same kind of respect to other women the way we show to our family members? Perhaps the day we do so such incidents will not happen.

We all need to introspect. I hope we all men show more respect towards women be it our sister, friend, colleague or some stranger. We should assure them of safety as can’t expect it from the police and government.

With such incidents happening and yet no stern steps taken by police or government whom should we look up for help or justice.

I am not a firm believer of God yet hope and pray that he might show some light to us and lead all to right path and create such a heaven where everyone can live in peace, where people love each other more and live in harmony – be it Delhi or Kashmir…. As they say “And we all lived happily”…….  Amen!!!!! 

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Who am I

I was walking down an isolated lane when I saw a man confused and depressed.
I asked him "Who are you?" "A human" was the reply.

It was a very irritating reply and yet a correct  one.

I again asked him "What's your name and what are you looking for?"
He replied "my name"..... Well you can call me whatever you want. If i tell you my name it will reveal my identity, my religion and after knowing that you will start assuming me what kind of person I am.

You don't know me as a person yet after knowing my name you will start assessing me and create an impression of me. And here i have not yet said anything about myself.

You will judge me by color, nationality, religion, caste but will not judge me as a human. We say all humans are alike and yet we have created differences.

So he asked me "You tell me who am I". I was taken aback by this statement. He didn't ask me something wrong or something vague but I didn't had the answer.

He approached me and shook me as if I was asleep and then i woke up realizing that i was actually sleeping but yet the question asked was still hitting me. It was still unanswered.....

So I put this question to all of you..... "Who am I"

Friday, 22 July 2011