Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Who am I

I was walking down an isolated lane when I saw a man confused and depressed.
I asked him "Who are you?" "A human" was the reply.

It was a very irritating reply and yet a correct  one.

I again asked him "What's your name and what are you looking for?"
He replied "my name"..... Well you can call me whatever you want. If i tell you my name it will reveal my identity, my religion and after knowing that you will start assuming me what kind of person I am.

You don't know me as a person yet after knowing my name you will start assessing me and create an impression of me. And here i have not yet said anything about myself.

You will judge me by color, nationality, religion, caste but will not judge me as a human. We say all humans are alike and yet we have created differences.

So he asked me "You tell me who am I". I was taken aback by this statement. He didn't ask me something wrong or something vague but I didn't had the answer.

He approached me and shook me as if I was asleep and then i woke up realizing that i was actually sleeping but yet the question asked was still hitting me. It was still unanswered.....

So I put this question to all of you..... "Who am I"