Sunday, 30 December 2012

Shameless Society

Ashamed of being called a man – how a man can induce such kind of cruelty and brutality.
We have failed as an individual, as a society and as a country.

It’s hard to believe but perhaps we are living in a shameless society. A society which does worships the female goddess but in reality shows disrespect towards female. Have we become so insensitive in our day to day life that we need some grave misfortunes to be awakened? Why can’t we be more compassionate?

We all have women in our families be it a mother, sister, wife, daughter. Why can’t we show the same kind of respect to other women the way we show to our family members? Perhaps the day we do so such incidents will not happen.

We all need to introspect. I hope we all men show more respect towards women be it our sister, friend, colleague or some stranger. We should assure them of safety as can’t expect it from the police and government.

With such incidents happening and yet no stern steps taken by police or government whom should we look up for help or justice.

I am not a firm believer of God yet hope and pray that he might show some light to us and lead all to right path and create such a heaven where everyone can live in peace, where people love each other more and live in harmony – be it Delhi or Kashmir…. As they say “And we all lived happily”…….  Amen!!!!!