Saturday, 24 December 2016

Bengaluru Traffic - What a Mess!!

Its been two months that i have shifted my base from Delhi to Bangalore. I had been to Bangalore just for a week 5 years back so hadn't explored the city much nor was much aware about the city. Had heard a lot about the city being great and awesome. Being the IT hub we all assume a city has to be awesome - "a millennium city" , if thats the term  used for such cities. A city has to stand out in various things to create an awesomeness. Unfortunately, it has stood out in two negative things for me.. Traffic and Pollution.. both go hand in hand in a way.

I was looking forward to being part of the city. The day arrived. I landed at Bangalore airport. My brother had come to pick me up. In the car he told me it will take around 1.30 hrs to 2 hrs to reach home.. What.. so much time.. And that was on a Saturday at around 9 pm at night... it seemed crazy.. I know the airport is almost 20+ km away from city but still around 2 hrs is too much time. I assume that less time will be taken to reach from Delhi airport to Noida or Fridabad. (Staying in Delhi for nearly 10 yrs - comparison toh hoga hin bhai). My brother told me that the distance is more and also the traffic hence the time. But seriously traffic on Saturday night was something i wasnt able to digest. Which city observes heavy traffic on saturday?
Anyways.. after an almost 1hr 40 mins of journey compromising of heavy traffic, narrow roads, jams caused because of anywhere stoppages of buses, inconsistent red lights, weird road designs finally managed to reach home @ Bomannhalli (another end of city).

The next few days i was travelling in cabs going to various places. Cabs were the only reliable resources for travel.. new to city, no idea about places.. cabs are the only option. Had thought that rates would be similar to Delhi and would be ok travelling in cabs but boy the cabs were also expensive and not just expensive they were too expensive.. Almost double to what i used to pay in Delhi for similar distances (Bhai compare to karna hoga)..

In these many days travelling in Bangalore have come to acknowledge that the traffic and traffic management is very poor - worse than Delhi (again a comparison , having stayed in Delhi i do acknowledge the traffic of Delhi is very bad but Bangalore you beat Delhi hands down). I have spoken to many people about the traffic of Bangalore and every one acknowledges that traffic is very bad in B'lore. I was speaking to few friends of mine and one said that the road design of Bangalore is very bad and he said " lagta hai bhang/dhatoora kha ke kisi ne yeh roads design kiye hain". Couldnt have agreed more.

Over the time these things stand out for Bangalore and something needs to be done by the authority before anything bad happens.

a) Pollution - Bangalore is very polluted. Time has come to shift to CNG for buses. Pollution is very dangerous, traffic inspectors and many other wear masks to safe guard but we need to contribute to reduce pollution. Use of CNG is very important. Will reduce  the pollution.

b) Traffic management - This needs to be controlled effectively. Red light duration is too much. i think we can cut it down at numerous places. Also there are few places where you see frequent lights on a stretch. Something needs to be worked out. there are places where red lights need to be installed but its not. NH 44 needs red lights.

c) Stoppages by buses - Someone needs to regularize it.  Buses often stop as per their fancy needs. Especially on/near flyovers buses stand behind to each other or side to each other hence blocking the general traffic. It needs to be regularized. Buses need to stop at bus stops only.

d) Construction/Debris on road - while construction is important for the development however the debris management needs to be taken care of. Debris scattered on road is just going to create congestion and accidents.

e) Street lights - there are often stretches of roads which are not lit. Street lights not lot. Thats scary. I have seen on NH 44 there are many lamp posts not lit. No lights might lead to accidents.

f) Increase network of Metro - Though i have not traveled in metro but the network needs to increase and reach many areas. I do hope work is going on to ensure that.

g ) Designs of Roads - Since the designs have been made and roads already exists its better to have better designs in future. When to take a right or left, all is confusing, even the flyovers have narrow roads. There doesn't seem to be much difference on main road and service roads, so better design and wider roads in future. Even the road bumpers need to painted and should be made at relevant locations.

f) Public participation - Nothing can be carried out effectively without proper public participation.
First and foremost everyone should be easy on driving. Need not indulge in rash driving especially for cab drivers.
Also while crossing roads please be careful, it seems people dont care for their for life and just cross roads without seeing the traffic. They need to very careful.

I do believe that most of the people will have similar view points. Its very important to understand the issue and do something rational to ease out the pain.

School Days

Its been more than 9 years since i left school but still remember the day i joined my dearest school.
St. Xavier's, Bokaro - the greatest school... Couldn't have asked for a better a school.

We move ahead in life but perhaps the school days are those which every one cherishes.. We sometimes want to relive these golden days of our lives, want to go back to school one more time, want to wander in those amazing environment again....

Missing all those great friends.....